Sorta, Kinda Reveal of House Refresh

2 months ago

While I was waiting for someone to come look at my house yesterday to possibly buy it, I snapped a few pictures of the LR that has recently been refreshed. It is not finished. I’m waiting on the decorator to send me samples for new pillows on the sofa.

Even though I fretted about whether or not to buy a painting, I finally decided I really liked it and bought it. It is over the fireplace.

I also got a new piece to go over the demilune.

The plate wall in the breakfast area turned out a little differently than we had planned. The decorator decided not to use the mirror there and moved it. Look above the chest next to the front doors. (Note: after seeing this photo, I’ve ironed the skirt on this console)

I’m still struggling with a bedskirt/coverlet for the MBR bed. I’m not satisfied with what is there, but it is way down on the list of priorities right now. I do not like the rug at all. I got it because I needed something easy to clean if DH bled on it (thin skin + blood thinners meant any small scrape could bleed profusely). If/when I move, I’ll probably get a blue and white oushak or a light colored jute. I’m going to just live with it until I see what I will need in a new place.

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