Recovery for heat stressed seedlings

Never thought I'd have an occasion to post this question, but apparently this isn't a normal year. I've helped full size plants that were heat stressed recover, and basically I just keep them watered and give them time and they bounce back. However those plants have usually had a significant root system and were much older. This year we had a pretty significant heat wave roll through our area and my growing area got a bit hot. The big trees and the orchids weathered it pretty well, I gave them a good soak in the mornings and they were pretty well fine until the evenings. A little heat stress, but they recovered pretty quickly. On the worst days I was pretty busy at home, had to run some errands, and didn't get the blinds closed quite as fast as I should have. As a result the trees closest to the window, my seed grown rangpur, my fig, and my daughter's tiny seedlings all suffered some heat damage. The rangpur and fig suffered the worst, the rangpur was sunburned and the fig had a few toasted leaves. All of their soil was bone dry by the time I finally got around to checking up on them. I just couldn't seem to keep the pots from drying out. Fast forward and the fig is doing fine and the rangpur has started growing new leaves, but the little seedlings haven't done much other than get a little taller. They're not dead, as the leaves haven't wilted, and I think they should recover, but I thought I'd post here and see if anyone has any input. Basically all I've been doing is watering them when needed and keeping them close to the window, but shaded during the afternoons. Is there anything else that I can do to speed their recovery?

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