Monolithic slab appropriate for 10% slope?

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Looking at plot of land in TX hill country with 10% slope. In this area, you have maybe a foot or two of soil on top of limestone. So soil can't just be moved around easily. (Building an in-ground pool requires jackhammers or stone drilling equipment.)

Given that, will building a 50'x60' monolithic slab (all the same level) work? The slope may go down the diagonal of the foundation, which would mean the far corner would require the foundation built 8' high. (sqrt(50^2+60^2)*0.10) Is this doable? Could topsoil just be layered next to that corner to make it look better? It's an acreage lot, so nothing nearby.

I don't want pier & beam or any crawlspace under the house. So, instead of a monolithic slab, should I be looking at a split-level foundation? My concern there is that then any house plans that I purchase off the web would have to be altered to account for the split level.

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