Alexsandra Scarp
2 months ago

Hi, so we just finished the construction of the office, and I’m really struggling to find the best layout. We need a long enough desk for me and my husband, some storage, def room for a big mirror and some place to put our little espresso machine and record player.
My initial idea was to add the long table on the 99” wall, a cabinet for storage and vinyl on the 115” and mirror by the room door. But I realized that the cabinet would be in front of the desk and would be on the way of it.
So my second idea was long desk on 99”, mirror and little chair right on the center of 115”, a tall cabinet on the small wall by the door (right side) and a small short cabinet for the vinyl and coffee machine on the left side.

NOT SURE IF I LIKE ANY OF MY IDEAS. Appreciate any help

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