Interesting hummingbird encounter

3 months ago

My wife and I were watching TV on the sun porch a bit over an hour ago when we heard, and saw a bird hit the window. I got up and looked out the window, and sure enough there in the grass was a motionless male Ruby Throated hummer. Its left wing was stretched out, so I figured at the very best it had a broken wing. I went outside, picked it up and cupped it in my hands to keep it warm. It was just quivering all over, but was holding its head up. I realized the AC in the house was probably too cool for it, and if it did regain its ability to fly, it would be in the house, which presented another major problem, so I took it back outside on the porch where I gently touched its left wing, causing it to tuck it back against its body where it belonged...maybe it was not broken after all.

After a few minutes in the warmth of the afternoon, it stopped shaking, and began moving its head a bit. I shifted it into one hand, and began rubbing its back with one finger of the other hand. Once it fluttered and tried to jump a bit, and the little left wing did not return to its normal location. Maybe it is broken.... I touched it again, and he pulled it back against his body where it belonged...maybe its not broken.

After a few more minutes holding him in my hand, I decided to try feeding him. With the bird in one hand I brought the feeder to the porch and placed it on the railing around the porch. I tipped the feeder towards me until the liquid was right at the edge of the feeding tube, and stuck the hummers little beak in the liquid. No response, for a few seconds, then his little tongue shot out and into the food. He immediately began drinking, and drinking, and drinking some more. After a bit, I pulled him away, and he did not seem to object. After a short rest, I opened my hand, and placed his beak near the feeding tube again. He stood up and began to drink again. This time when he finished feeding, he jumped out of my hand, turned around facing my face, hovered there for a second looking me straight in the eye, turned, and flew into a nearby oak tree.

I took that last act as a sincere thank-you, and just thought some of you might like to hear the story.

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