Update on our garden project

2 months ago

Here are two pics showing an area where we had 2 (two) ancient beyond huge bushes removed, across the driveway from our house. All that was growing (other than some ivy) in this ~500 sq ft space were those 2 bushes. Now my DH is building a lovely deer fence with 2 gates (and interior paths coming) around it, and then we are going to try to move some of the more rare (and comparatively shorter!) of the 9 climbing roses which are currently growing up our house. All of them have to be removed from the house by next April, so we have some time.

I have been looking at the sun/shade on this area every day. So far, it gets 100% morning sun for about 6 hours, and then half of it gets some shade in the afternoon. In our climate, that is just about perfect for mid summer.

During: (the "stump" you can see was estimated to weigh 2 tons, when fully dug out including the root ball!)


3 days ago after all of the ancient concrete stepping stones, and a small brick patio (both 1ft+ under the soil, and unsuspected) were removed by hand, pick axe and jack hammers, and lots of amendments were dug in (also by hand - we were going to ask them to use a rototiller, but obviously they could not, as too dangerous with all of the ancient hard scape).

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