Exposed Steel Beam - How to Finish

last month

I am trying to figure out how to finish this steel beam that got installed after removal of support wall.

Previously we were to make a box around it but after seeing the beam installed I could help myself but try to find ways to use it's natural exposed beam look to my advantage.

I spoke to my neighbour who worked constructions his whole life, guy is pushing 85 and I always learn something new when I speak to him. He suggested I should prime it and then use flecto paint for metal using airless paint sprayer.

But, I am unsure on how to prepare the beam's surface for priming however. Using an angle grinder with steel brush was my idea until someone mentioned sandblasting.

What do you guys recommend I should do to prepare the surface for finishing.

I also wonder if there any other option than using a paint to finish it, because I have feeling that using paint might just take away it's natural steel look. Maybe there is a material that will make the beam looking it's natural black shinny steel look and still protect it against any potential rusting etc just like a paint would.

Thanks a lot for you guys input on this.


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