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Upper Cabinet Placement/Encasing a corner bump out - Help!

Tina S
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We have a steel beam in the corner of our kitchen. We are going to build an encasement around it to close it off in preparation of installing ikea cabinets next month. The uppers will butt up against this encasement. I didn't realize till recently that the encasement needed to be the depth of the uppers. This is to ensure that there is no space between uppers and encasement (I don't want critters/bugs taking up home in this area). You can see it accounted for in the design.

Does this look correct? Will a 15" x 15" encasement allow the uppers to butt up against it and allow for side panels, a small crown at the top and trim at the bottom of the cabinet? Am I missing anything here? Appreciate any help any one can give.

Note: That East wall is actually 80 1/6", not 78 1/8" (I think I may have measured off the beam, rather than the wall at one point). So w/a 15" box that leaves 65 1/6" left for uppers on the East wall.

Example...Potential end result. Encasement will go to counter top and have backsplash like the rest of the wall. This one actually looks like the encasement is about 1/2" to 1" deeper in width than the uppers. This one also doesn't look like it has a lower cabinet trim.

Top view showing the corner. Top is EAST and left side is NORTH. I'm not sure why one is 15 3/8 and the other is 15 1/4".

EAST Wall close up corner

NORTH wall close up view

East Corner Cabinet. This one will be up against the encasement.

This one goes next to the one above.

x2 will go on the West wall and butt up against the encasement.

Old Photo, but this shows now the beam sits and for which will be boxed in. East wall view.

Old Photo North wall view