36” cabs at 24” above counter? 9 ft 2” ceiling

2 months ago

I’m stressing about my cabinet plan. Our plan had been to hang them at 24” above the counters with a shallow open shelf under them kind of like the attached. Anyway, contractor said we should get 36” if we want to hang at 24” above counter given the beams etc that we need to hide in a bulkhead. I was all good with this plan, because we were going to fake ceiling height cabs with a door facade above the real cabinets. The door facades could be 14” straight to the ceiling or shorter with crown molding. I hadn’t been calculating the crown, and now I realize any shorter than 12 and they’ll look quite dumb. We have crown everywhere else in the house and I also think it would look odd and modern (not the look we are going for) to have no crown. So if we just have a plain soffit with trim, will the 36” cabinets look dumb?!? Anyway it’s too late to change. Just want some reassurance.

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