Kitchen Complications and Design Details

Daniell e
2 months ago

I’m mid-major remodel converting my old bowling alley kitchen and closed off family room into an open concept family space. Now that demo is done, I have to make some decisions I’m not qualified to make and would love your experienced opinions!

My home is a Santa Barbara Spanish style (lots of contrast between walls/floors with cleaner lines vs very ornate details). I’m attaching the cabinet makers screenshots to give you a feel for layout/finish. The large cabinets to the far right are 30” fridge/freezer columns. Far left are my appliance cabinets. Distance between the cabinets and fridges is ~15’. Ceiling at the rafter tail bottoms are 96”.

My cabinets are white. Counters are Vadara Quartz Laneve. I want to do a timeless white subway tile backsplash. Floors are the original walnut and will be refinished in a tobacco stain. Ceiling color tbd.

Issue 1: designing the custom hood housing. I have those dang rafter tails and they aren’t going to center on the range or the hood. Would you terminate the hood below them and vent sideways to the balcony outside? My concern here besides looking at a duct coming out of my pretty new stucco is accentuating a lower end point for the ceilings. I wish the roof angle was higher in this house, but it is what it is! Or would you block in the rafter tail spaces and hope the asymmetry isn’t glaring? Have you seen clever ways of dealing with this issue? (The 60” range couldn’t go at the foot of the island because of a structural post)

Issue 2: I want to do a white subway tile with a matching grout so the body of the kitchen stays timeless (and just switch out hardware/accents). I’ll take it all the way up. I found a tile that I liked a lot, but it’s in a 3x12 rather than the traditional 3x6. So now I’m wondering - is my original plan of 3x6 going to be too small scale for 15’ of tile with a 60” range? Or is the 3x12 going to be fine but not really traditional like I’m aiming for?

Tile will also need to be used at the prep sink over at the foot of the island (that’s 42” wide). I also have a butler’s pantry behind the prep sink that is fully open to the dining room, but I’m toying with doing the Quartz on the backsplash there.

Issue 3 - My faucets are all polished nickel. Now that I’m staring at pendant lights and hardware, I’m stuck contemplating colors for them (and don’t know if the pot filler should coordinate with those rather than the sink faucets).

Sorry for all the photos to come - I figure more is more useful.

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