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Should we try to match existing floor or go with contrast?

2 years ago

We currently have dark wood engineered floors in living spaces (living, family, hallways) that we installed about 15 years ago. We are looking to install new floor in the master and are torn between trying to match the old (dark) floor or contrast with the light one below. We have found a couple of wood floors that come reasonably close to existing floors, though obviously not exact. The only place the two floors would meet is at the doorway to the bedroom (30" door).

I think overall no one would notice the difference between old and new floors if we tried to match. People don't really ever go in our room as it is. But, I am intrigued by the lighter floor that looks fresh and airy to me. I feel like it could be very nice, though I don't know if it is more trendy and thus might not stand the test of time. I also don't know if it would look odd even with only the small transition point.

Curious what people think and what you might choose. Thank you.

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