Replacing only two wood windows with vinyl? Please help.

7 days ago

I need to replace two windows as part of a kitchen renovation in my 1970s ranch house. All of the windows in the house are wood except for two that the previous owners replaced with vinyl in another part of the house.

The ktichen faces the rear of the house. The bay windows in the breakfast nook will remain as is -- wood with mullions.

My contractor's quote included windows and we verbally discussed wood windows but his quote did not specify type, which I unfortunately overlooked. Now he's balking at providing the more expensive wood windows, which also appear to be out of stock everywhere in town (my kd has also called all over creation) so if I hold firm on wood I'll be left with boarded up windows for several weeks while I wait for them to come in.

Should I stick to my guns and get the wood windows even if means an argument I may not win about the contract and weeks of boarded up windows? Or are durable and cost-effective vinyl windows acceptable even if they don't match the rest of the house, including the breakfast nook?

Thanks in advance. I need to move forward on this ASAP.

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