My rookie mistake. thoughts?

last month

So, one of the last things I need to do is put storage back in the laundry room. All we ever had was a big bi-fold closet with a basic coated metal shelf + rail. It was never organized. We tore out the closet and patched the walls & ceiling and decided to find cabinets to replace and improve what we had. I really couldn’t justify the cost of custom cabinets, so I tried finding stock or special order cabinets. I decided I could live without a coat closet in there, but I needed a tall cabinet for long items like brooms and ironing board, etc. All the cabinets I was finding do not have those tall compartments in the tall units.

Except one - it was something at Home Depot online. I ordered two tall pantry units and a base for the sink and a recycling center. Basic white shaker. I assumed I could maybe paint them something fun if I wanted to later. I realized now that they’re sitting in the garage waiting for install that they are thermal foil laminate, not painted. I’m feeling really stupid for not catching that. I guess it’s not a deal breaker that they’re white and have to stay that way, but more generally I’m just wondering if these are too low quality for my LR. I don’t know - do I just keep them and allow that I may replace them in 5 years and call it even, or keep looking? My brain is really in a circular dilemma over this stupid issue. First-world problems, right?

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