Sizing Boiler for New Construction


I am hoping to get advice on questions to ask my contractor to make sure we are correctly sizing a boiler for our new house construction. We are building a 3,500 sq ft house in Vermont. Heating is to be via high efficiency boiler controlling 5 zones of baseboards on 1st and 2nd floor, and two zones of radiant floor heat in the walk out basement.

This is what I've received as recommended from the plumber:


IBC HC20-125 high efficiency LP gas boiler with 5 zones of baseboard heat and 2 zones of radiant heat for the garage and lower level. A Super Stor SSU-60 for domestic hot water supply that will be heated off the boiler.

Air Exchange:

Renewaire EV 300 air exchanger system

I want to make sure these are sized correctly. What questions should I ask and additional information should I obtain?

We've only had central heat and air in other homes, so the boiler systems and baseboards are new to me.

Thank you

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