Wifi Thermostats Will Not Work With My C Wire System

last month

I currently have a forced air system, all updated in the last 5 years. I currently have 2 programmable thermostats, downstairs and upstairs, powered by C wires. I have C, W, G, R and Y. Both work fine. The C and R wire is producing around 27 volts. I Tried to install both a Honeywell and an Emerson Sensi Touch wifi thermostat, and neither would work. The Sensi Touch backlight comes on, but will not power up the menu. The Honeywell color wifi thermostat will not power up at all. I have tried both upstairs and downstairs, with the same results. I know there is power because my current programmable thermostats work fine, they have no batteries. Anyone have an idea why my system will not power up these new wifi thermostats. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

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