Fireplace proportions

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are working with our interior designer on our fireplace for the great room in our new build -- open concept, so living room, dining and kitchen are all in this space. It's 40' x 20' with 20' gabled roof. One side is all windows with a mountain view.

We're using a 42" gas fireplace, going with a rustic rock and steel beam design that is repeated elsewhere in the house. Right now, we're looking a a 9' x 18" high hearth, then 8' surrounding the firebox, then a 5' chimney going all the way to the peak of the ceiling. We're concerned that it's too much mass for the space.

Here are some VERY rough renders -- wrong materials, wrong furniture, etc., but best I could do quickly. Pics with and without furniture. Also included is the inspiration pic.

So basically, how wide should a fireplace hearth, surround and chimney be on a 20' x 20"

wall with no plans to put anything on either side?

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