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Best IQ12 Blower in Wolf Pro Hood?

2 years ago

After much deliberation and research, and trying to balance a lot of different factors, I’ve decided to purchase the Wolf Pro 54” x 27” hood (PW542718) to go over a 48” BlueStar range. For better or worse, I’ve decided to go with an internal blower. The good news is that I have a very short duct run as the hood will be mounted on an exterior wall. If you take a look at the attached photo, the bottom edge of the hood will be at approximately the height of the bottom edge of the scrap wood on the wall and it’s about 51” from there to the center of the 10” vent above it. The hood will be approximately 36” above the range.

I was previously looking at some Best hoods and if I went that route was going to go with their IQ12 blower, as it seems to have some advantages over the P12 blower (slightly higher CFM at similar static pressure, lower volume at ‘normal’ airflow). It also has a calibration feature that I’m not sure is more functional that gimmicky, but interesting nonetheless. Also, the IQ12 has brushless DC motors (which seems to bring along some extra electronics).

So, the question(s): Given that Broan/Nutone/Best make the blowers for Wolf, do you think it’s worth trying to use the Best IQ12 rather than the Wolf 814423 (Wolf’s 1200 CFM internal blower which I suspect is similar to the P12)? If I were to do this, can I expect to have trouble getting the correct rough in plate? Any other concerns to bear in mind? (I don’t too much care about warranty warnings for this sort of thing.)

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