Anyone know about ‘kit house’ sources or suggestions?

Jay Inhoff
2 months ago

Hi, Houzzers,

We are interested in building a kit house on a wooded lot in the country. This would be a vacation home for us. I thought of a kit house because I thought it would be a simple and expedient process once the kit arrived on site. We have a contractor/project manager to oversee the work. We want about 2000 sq feet with a garage. It could be modern or a wooden (log?) cabin or ?

We have just started to look for ideas online and so many companies seem to be in the West and are quoting 500$/square foot plus the lot and on site building costs costs. Our project would be in southern Ohio/Kentucky. I was thinking of a kit for about $400000 for the kit or $200/sq ft. more or less.

Does anyone have any suggestions, tips or cautions for us? Favorite manufacturers? Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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