What font for plant markers? (Fellow font nerds out there)

I recently bought a Cricut label maker so I could make my own vinyl plant labels. I am putting these on slate markers. My plan is to use a bright green to label my hostas, maybe a pink for heucheras. If I get enough variety of hydrangeas or conifers maybe I’ll start labeling those. I am a font nerd, so I have a hard time choosing one. It might be an option to do a different font for each type of plant as well.

A fellow gardenweb member did these for his roses, so I’m following his lead. I chose a script font as that is what he did and they look lovely. On a side note, I do live in a log cabin so maybe I can go with something less formal if that would suit better.

(I chose the word brother as it is a word that has a “th” in it and that can be a hard thing to line up, also an ”r” as the first lowercase letter can be problematic)

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