Brown bare spots on lawn

karen stoloff
2 months ago

I took a screwdriver and just going down an inch could feel and hear something-debris or rocks. . I believe grass won't permanently grow in an area when there are rocks or other material under sod because water can't get to the roots. After I moved in plumbers discovered the reason I was having problems with my toilets is because there was construction debris left underneath.

I wrote to the manager today and told them that the rocks and/or debris need to be removed and in the fall put down sod and loom.


I put a screwdriver to other areas where there was just a small spot and felt something. I think it is spreading. I looked at a picture when I first moved in and don't believe there were any bare spots then.

Am I right about the reason for the bare brown spots and what needs to be done in the fall? Thanks!

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