Bathroom Reno- linen cabinet, feature tile wall, jewelry storage?

2 months ago

Hi folks! I’d really value some design suggestions and I have several questions. Planning our master bathroom renovation.

  1. how do I style the linen cabinet
  2. What do I do where the make up vanity is
  3. Can I do a herringbone feature wall, plus herringbone on the side of the shower, AND same herringbone above the sinks?

Toilet is staying where it is, shower stall is going to be a little wider and longer, replacing the shower wall with glass and putting the shower head on the back wall of the bathroom. Vanity will have two sinks instead of one- 80” long. All lighting will change. Bathroom is 9.75’ long by 8’ wide.

My first question is about adding a linen cabinet. We are getting rid of the tub, so the cabinet would go in the corner where the tub currently is. Not sure what the cabinet should look like but was thinking to make it a bit wide (not an 18” wide, prefab type). Perhaps put the cabinet on the wall where (currently) the towel rack is over the tub. And make the cabinet take up that width (about 30”) from the corner to the door frame. Was thinking of doing a lower cabinet (a laundry hamper inside) with a counter and then upper cabinets on the wall. My concern is that a 30” wide cabinet that goes floor to 7’ would be overwhelming and strange, hence breaking it up in separate lower and upper cabinets.
Additionally, I have a make up vanity just outside the bathroom. We are getting rid of it but I don’t know what to put in its place. I’d love to have some kind of jewelry storage (notice my current cork board) but most of my jewelry is cheap so I’m not sure how elaborate I want to get. Also, I usually stand and do my make up in front of my mirrored closet doors so I don’t have to lean over the counter. I’m not going to sit and do make up.
The entire back wall (starting by the toilet, like a feature wall) and side wall of the shower will have 3x12 blue subway herringbone tile (la Belle antique blue as seen in photo), floor to ceiling. With that much tile, i was thinking it’d be too much to do the same blue herringbone pattern over the sinks, but I LOVE the look of the tile over the sinks. What do you think? If I paint over the sinks, was thinking of warm gray or maybe taupe to tie in with the floor.

Was thinking of getting a separate round LED mirror for each sink. Floor will be 8” hex in a marble look. For the vanity I want dresser style drawers under each sink, with a vertical pull out rack in the middle for tall stuff. I’m thinking vanity would be a warm, rich wood color.

Thanks for reading and sharing your ideas.

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