A question regarding eyeglass measurements

7 days ago

I've always bought my eyeglasses from local optical stores, as my eye doctor does not sell them in his clinic. However, they charge way more than the price for the identical frames, lenses (and prescription) that I can get from online sites. A friend recommended a site she uses, as she's always been happy with their products and service.

I'd like similar shaped frames as my current ones, but slightly larger. A little more lens height will afford a bit of extra space to fit the 3 prescriptions in my field of vison. But I'm stymied with trying to find out lens height measurements, because online sites rarely list them. I have all the other measurements I need, including pupillary distance, to order glasses online. But I wouldn't feel right going into an optical store, pulling out my measuring tape, and checking the lens height of frames I like, since I know I won't be buying them there. Anyone know why online sites rarely list that measurement?

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