How would you redesign this kitchen?

T. Jones
10 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

We are redoing our kitchen and would like some ideas. Aspects that we don't like include the camo granite and mdf cabinets (so no refacing - want to go with plywood).

We are open to moving appliance, plumbing, and/or electrical. Wanted an island but are told that we don't have enough space. Thanks!

Here are some photos and dimensions:

Edit: The wall to the left of the fridge is not load bearing; we will likely pull this out. The fridge is counter depth, just the wall is deeper than counter depth, so the fridge has to be pulled out. The table on the other side of the peninsula is just a table - could make this an eat in kitchen, but... the family room is on the other side of the wall where the range is now.

Wall with the fridge is 126". Wall with the range is 96". Currently the peninsula is shorter than the fridge wall by about a foot.

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