Do you -like- you Rose Tree Standards

11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

I sold my 2 tree shrubs in the pots flanking the garage door to make room for -rose standard-

As I observe how the roses look after the 1st flush, and the 2nd flush is -meh- , I'm second guessing whether or not I want to grow rose trees. Granted the spring flush is ah-mazing, especially after a wet cold winter. But the more I see how the shrubs look like after the 1st flush, I dunno if I want just foliage and the medium -life blooms for the summer. I'd rather have something in constant bloom (aka, the 2 tree shrubs I sold was limelights). I've been wanting to plant some rose standards but the more I observe, understand their blooming characteristics, how long the blooms last, etc - it may not me what I want afterall

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