Brightening a dark vestibule

2 months ago

Looking at Roarah’s cool vestibule got me thinking about my own. No, I’m not getting a cool tile floor. But mine needs some light!

Hard to get a good pic. It is tiny and dark.

The main issue: no electricity. No outlet, no overhead light fixture. And I am not willing to do major electrical work so I’m looking for a low budget, easier solution.

If you look on the shelf you’ll see a holiday window candle light. That is what we use when we are expecting company after dark (um, which hasn’t happened in a year and a half)! I was pretty pleased with that solution TBH and one possible, quirky idea is to just get a few more that operate on a remote control (is it possible — say 3 battery candles operated from 1 remote?). I don’t need a LOT of light — people don’t spend more than 30 seconds out there but I’d like it to not feel like a tiny dark cave.

Another idea — take down the shelf/hooks (even though I really like that vintage piece) and hang a painting on that wall with a battery operated picture light.

Any other ideas? Another idea in the quirky dept is to run a length of battery operated string lights around the ceiling.

I could use a lighter entry rug too. Not easy to find because I need a very low pile bc of the door, and it’s a small area. What I have now are FLOR tiles (4). The wall color is already very light (Healing Aloe). Guess I could repaint in a light cream but not sure how much difference a new paint would make on its own.


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