Quirky or fine? Window blinds

2 months ago
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We're moving into a new home with compelling, stunning views that make the place. The previous owner installed custom, quality roller shades in a non-offensive slub fabric - maybe from the Shade Store? It seems wasteful to ditch them but a few things bother me.

  • They're not room darkening - problem in the bedroom. Perhaps one could make these darkening somehow, but I'm allergic to adhesives and in the past couldn't tolerate the glue used on darkening roller shades, even after drying for a long time.
  • Pet peeve - They cover half of the upper window - the angle of these listing pics downplay it but in person, especially in the living room the blinds truncate the spectacular view. They fit the window casing so are too narrow to simply raise.
  • Our aesthetic and decor is much more traditional, and we are looking for ways to make this apartment feel a bit more historic. My vibe is historic minimal but this just looks minimal.
  • Color - The walls and white looking blinds are actually both light grey. We are having the rooms painted various shades of off white and cream. It could look off to have grey blinds against cream?

Should we get floor length drapes in living room and pull them closed when we want darkness, which won't be often because the bridge is killer at night? Would drapes frame the window or compete with the view?

The bedroom will be cramped: pic shows queen, we own a king, our furniture is heavy antique mahogany. Will blackout lined curtains make the room feel more crowded? Six columns of fabric seems like a lot - might even block the view since windows are slightly recessed? Should they be floor length, sill height? How would romans look?

All suggestions appreciated!

** Note: Listing photos - not our decor! **

** Camera is angled up and mimizes how much these blinds cut into the view **

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