Just wanted to update.

2 months ago

I had a ans test done by my neurologist, trying to figure out numbness in feet and it showed that I am my sympathetic autonomic nervous system is failing. He is not sure , but he thinks it's from all these autoimmune diseases, the sarcoidosis, and psoriatic arthritis, but he said it could be a neuro degenerative disease. But I'm not having any dizziness on standing, so we will reevaluate in 6 months. He wants me to get all of my symptoms written down, and we may do a spinal tap then as well.
I just wanted to update. I am still doing well. I feel. I really think being in nature heals. I feel so much better, in the yard, messing with my plants. Some days lately it's been really hot and humid, but the afternoons are nice. I know I don't get on much and comment anymore, but I think of you all often. I do believe, I will be in my yard up to the end, whenever the lords deems it my time. Hopefully a long time from now. Don't worry about me, as I said, I think I do well with everything going on. Eat right, try not to stress, having my garden refuge, and yoga, or tai chi, when joints are worse. Much love to you all.

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