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Desperate for Help: Design Dilemma!

Ashley K
last year

I'm new to this forum and am totally desperate about how to organize the layout of the home we just moved into. I'm not even sure if the furniture we currently own will work in the space. I'll begin by breaking down a few of the problems I'm running into. First off, the fireplace is at an angle. I'm not sure how to orient the TV so that it doesn't compete with the fireplace. Therefore, I'm unsure about where to put the couch. Our formal dining room and living room are connected in a way by this large "cut out" in the wall. Initially before living in the space we had thought that we would close up that cut out and further close up the dining space because we already have a large table in the other dining space and we don't entertain often. We were planning on using it as a guest space/toy area/second tv area BUT upon moving in we realized there is very little natural light in this home. There are several windows in the formal dining room and I just don't think we can sacrifice the natural light. We have somewhat abandoned that idea, although sealing up that cut out may still be option. We had placed the TV on the far wall but our couches (the way the chaise or long part is oriented) just weren't looking right. The long part was on the side toward the fireplace and so it just looked "off" jetting out toward the fireplace. How we arranged it now was to place the TV in the cut out just to see how it would look in the event that we sealed up that cut out and then mounted it to the wall. It just feels impossible to have a design that facilitates having a conversation when guests are over AND having it be comfortable when we are watching TV. I also am dumbfounded when it comes to paint colors. We painted it Revere Pewter in 50% saturation and it just seems SO dark. Lesson learned about painting before you fully understand the space. Any help would be much appreciated I'm COMPLETLEY lost!!!!

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