Dreaded jade repot

Rebecca/N. IN/z6A
2 months ago

So I am repotting my MIL’s jade that she left here when we bought her house (& said she was coming back to get for the last 2 yrs). I asked if I could repot it, as its been in straight potting soil & this originsl pot for about 8 yrs. she said no. she didnt want me to fertilize it either. 🤷‍♀️ So the only thing Ive been doing is putting it out in the sun 3 seasons, watering it if no rain & inside for winter. I have quit asking & have decided she will only want it back after Ive declared it a free agent & repotted it. Here are ”before pics”, I’ll update w/ ”after” pics shortly.

Also, thats our cat Jaspurr, AKA ”Litter Lips” 😂 He has to sniff everything! 😆

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