Plumeria stem bending – can it be straightened?

4 months ago

I bought a plumeria in March 2020, it arrived as a bare straight stick about 50cm high. It grew leaves and even flowered that season after a few months. It did slightly start to bend, I presume towards the light. I was advised to keep it warm so kept it in the bedroom near a window, where I could be sure the temperature would be at least 16 C. I’m in London, UK and the inside temperature can drop below this overnight in winter. This season the growth tip split three ways and each new growth tip has grown leaves and are now about 15cm long. The bend in the main stem is now much more pronounced. I’ve placed the plumeria so that the light falls on the convex side of the bend hoping that it will again grow towards the light and straighten itself. However, now the top is much heavier that it was. I’ve read a bit about supporting plumeria, but I don’t want to risk weakening it. Any advice much appreciated.

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