Update: “Marriage advice” needed for dining room buffet pieces

2 months ago
last modified: last month

The top piece is antique oak with its original very dark stain, and the bottom is honey coloured 1980 solid pine in a country style which matches my dining table (table needs to be refinished after 36 years of family use). The two pieces got married recently when the top piece came off from the bottom that is no longer in my home.

I am considering two options to unite the buffet: 1. paint top piece and leave the bottom. 2. leave top and refinish the bottom with dark stain on horizontal section to match top and paint legs and drawers. I would probably then also do the same to the dining room table, which as I mentioned needs to be refinished.

The top is basically decorative. It has a nice bevelled mirror, little pillars, and I quite like it. On the top shelf, I have some old sewing machine drawers which I use for seasonal decor on the dining room table.

The bottom piece is used for storage where I have dining room linens and part of my large music collection.

I used to work at an antiques store and my house is furnished with antiques. We live in the country and I like that kind of decor, but I have evolved through the years to like a little less clutter and ruffles.

I am also tired of the gloomy gray paint in this room and I am considering other lighter and warmer options. I wrote a post about the wall colour years ago and have yet to make a change! 🤨

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