Help with Living Room Carpet

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We need help in updating our 1960’s beauty. First we need to replace our living room carpet. I understand most of you would think a wood floor would be better, I agree. When we add wood in the living room we will be replacing the engineered wood floors as well, and that huge expense is not in the cards right now. But the ugly carpet must go.

So I am looking for ideas on the color and texture for the carpet. We will be reupolstering the sofa in a creamy white, and replacing most of the furniture. The room is a bit dismal as we gave some pieces of furniture to our son, not realizing replacement would take months. We plan to use royal blue, spring green and aqua as the colors in the room. We are hoping to complete this update over the next 12 months, carpet first.

I have included photos so you can get a sense of the room. The living room and dining room are open to one another, with our living room a step down. Lot’s of windows, the back of our house overlooks a ravine filled with trees and plants. TIA for any ideas.

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