Lacornue Chateaux thoughts (vs Lacanche)?

John Hebda
2 months ago

We are getting ready to start a remodel design (construction likely to start next summer).

We have been doing a lot of research on ranges, and love what we've seen from Lacanche. However, we went into a local appliance shop yesterday and they were singing praises for the La Cornue Chateaux ranges, saying that the Lacanche ranges will only last 20-25 yrs, while the Chateaux will last 100, and saying the build quality is quite different.

I previously thought that the two were relatively comparable, but also haven't been able to find a lot of information online from owners of Chateaux ranges. Are there any here? Thoughts on the pros and cons, as well as build quality vs the lacanche? I found some really old threads but curious if anyone has any more recent thoughts, especially after La Cornue was bought. Thanks!!!!

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