15-Year-Old Daughter Tackles Dad's New Home Office Conversion

18 days ago

After 16 months of working remotely from home, my employer has officially decided to make remote/partial-remote work an acceptable and even preferable option for its employees. This is music to my ears as I’ve really gotten used to not having to commute (40 minutes each way) every day.

For the last 16 months, I’ve been moving around the house, creating ad-hoc computer work-stations, each forcing me to move to a new location for one reason or another. Now that I know working from home is no longer temporary, it’s time to get serious about creating an at home working environment that meets all my needs, and I think I’ve found the perfect spot.

I have a rather large (1600 sq/ft) detached workshop, and within the workshop the previous owners walled in and insulated a nice 20’x20’ room. I believe they used it as a doggy grooming business…yes, it still has lingering wet dog smell. ☹ Anyways, we’ve been using it as a sort of multi-purpose room, where we store gardening equipment, tools, pool chemicals, and paint. We were even using it to host a middle-school LEGO robotics team, which is no longer the case now that our team members have all aged out and are moving onto high-school robotics. Below are some pics of what the room currently looks like. Yes, it’s a giant mess, and yes, I haven’t forgotten about the wet dog smell, but I can see the potential, and I think it would be perfect for my new office!

After getting approval from my wife to use the space, I needed to figure out how I would turn it into my dream work environment. My wife and I have the means to do it ourselves, as she has a bachelors degree in interior design, and I have learned carpentry and basic home remodeling skills from my father-in-law who was a home builder. Unfortunately, we are both lacking the time and frankly energy to take it on right now. This is where my oldest daughter Maya comes into the picture.

Maya is my oldest daughter and spends most of her time in front of the computer creating digital art. It’s kind of her passion right now. Her other passion, or perhaps more accurate, obsession, is the idea of living in a tiny home. She has been obsessing over the idea of eventually moving into one and has spent countless hours researching and designing her future home. What she doesn’t have yet is the experience to build one….hmmm, I wonder where she could gain some experience?? 😊

Yes, you’ve guessed it, Maya will be designing and renovating my future home office. I plan to use this thread to document her journey. I created a Houzz IdeaBook to give her an idea of what I’m looking for, and she can of course use myself and my wife as resources. She has her summer break to complete it…think she can do it?

Current State of Future Office Space

A Few Pics from My Future Office Inspiration IdeaBook

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