Advice needed - Lacanche Sully 1800 or Cluny 1400?

John Hebda
2 months ago

We are starting to think about a kitchen remodel and would love a Lacanche range. We are debating between the Sully 1800 and the Cluny 1400. We know we'd like two ovens - one gas and one electric - and a warming drawer. Anyone go through this debate and willing to provide advice?

Some of the questions we're struggling with are:

  • Is the 72" range just too big?
  • If we also have a steam oven, will the two small ovens be adequate? (we're used to bigger ovens but also don't normally fill those ovens either.
  • If we have an iron griddle plate on top of two burners, will 2 burners + 2 induction burners be enough? Or should we just opt with the larger surface area and add a dedicated plancha?

I think we're leaning towards the Cluny but just don't want to get that and regret it, wishing we went with the larger one. Would love to hear thoughts from anyone else who was looking at these, and what you think now. Thanks!

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