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Help Please! Need Color Suggestions!

Jessica Dunbar
2 years ago

I am so color challenged! We just bought a house and I love it but the color thing is an issue. It has a unified space with a subtly separated kitchen. It has both East and West windows but quite dark times of day. The walls are bumpy textured and its a smaller living room dining combo. I have bought like ten samples and dislike them including some of the Magnolia line like Americana Egg and Emmies Room and Magnolia Green as well as a lot of Benjamin Moore colors like Mountain Air, Mist. I intended to paint it all white but the whites that I tried made the room look way smaller. Then with colors the light does strange things to the paint. When we bought it the room already had like five different colors lol so i dont think I'm the first to struggle with this.
I am going for light and bright and happy. I like light aquas, peaches and greens. I tend to like the boho or scandi minimalist style but also like bright calm colors. I also like to decorate with plants. The floor is beige tile and some orangy tiger wood. Help please?

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