Moving to a smaller home, please help arranging my new LR/Office/FR

3 months ago
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Moving -from a large home that had a formal living room and dining room, a breakfast area off the kitchen, a family room/ office, and a loft upstairs -to a smaller home. I need help reconfiguring to fit onto these 3 rooms: <Updated measurements> Room #1 LR no TV (14' x 10'), Room #2 Office (14' x 10.5'), and Room #3 FR-loft with TV (13' x 15.5'). Many thanks for your ideas :). New house-

Room#1 LR no TV (14' x 10'):

Room #2 Office/ Guest (14' x 10.5'):

Room #3 FR-loft with TV (13' x 15.5'):

Old House:

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