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100 year old Kitchen Remodel on a budget

Jim Levy
last year
last modified: last year

I'd appreciate ideas to remodel and/or upgrade the kitchen on a budget. This isn't going to be a DIY project so it would be great to get guidance on what type of profession we should hire such as a contractor or handyman. The house is 1,200 sq ft and is one side of a duplex, where we live, that will be rented. It's nearly 100 years old and has never been updated.

In the kitchen, the sink needs to be replaced. Counter depth at 22" is non-standard. We wanted to remove the wall between the laundry room and refrigerator area to create one large room. However, that's probably too expensive. Also, new kitchen cabinets are also likely too expensive so we'd like ideas to update the existing cabinets.

We're trying to upgrade the kitchen, 1 1/2 bathrooms, electric, plumbing, paint and install new appliances within a budget of $50,000.

If any other information will be helpful, please let me know.


Measurements (starting with N-S):

Entire kitchen & Laundry room 12' X 17'9". Sections within this space:

Main area with the sink with a door to the dining area 12' X 8' (8' = length of the counter with the sink)

Laundry area 4'8" X 7', plus an alcove with a door to the outside of 3' X 3' 8"

Area with the refrigerator with a door to the hallway 6' 10" X 9' 5"

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