Something wrecking my edamame plants

Anyone have any ideas about what might be destroying my edamame plants? Pictured below is all that remains of 6 healthy Midori Giant plants in a pot -- over the last 2 weeks or so, four plants have lost their leaves down to the bare stem seemingly overnight, some with pieces of broken stems left scattered below.

This morning I went outside to find one of the two remaining intact plants essentially decapitated -- the entire fully leafed top half left on the ground beside the pot as though cut or snapped off across the main stem.

There has been some normal leaf damage that looks like beetles but I doubt bugs or beetles remove and devour entire stems so quickly. (I've gone out at night to check for them but haven't seen any.) Deer are not an issue here. I have rabbits in the yard but I've never once seen them bother with anything in pots or 3-4' off the ground.

Is there another pest or pests that do this kind of extensive damage to bean plants? Can Midori Giant plants get top-heavy enough to topple over and snap from wind gusts? I can't figure out where the damage is coming from.

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