countertop/cabinet/backsplash color and movement combinations ?'s

Rachel L
3 months ago

Mixing and matching whites

- My cabinets are a pretty neutral/cool white.

- The countertop I'm weighing up is described as an alabaster base with dark & light veining

How well do these pair? I'm worried about it looking "off"?

Next question. This countertop has a fair bit of movement. Is this going to restrict my backsplash choices. I've had my eye on a herringbone backsplash like this.

- Is this going to be too much going on in combination with the veining of the countertop?

- Am I going to have to find a tile base colors that matches the countertops alabaster white base, or should the tile match the cooler/neutral white of my cabinet ?

Charlestown Loft · More Info

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!! :)

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