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Help! Questions about needing to redo a tile job w/ waterproof system

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi All,

We are wrapping up a decent-sized renovation project, and we ended up with some tile that looks really bad in a new construction bathroom with a zero-entry shower. We think the floor tile came from an off batch, and we are working to (hopefully) get a refund from the manufacturer. (This is glass tile that comes covered in brown paper, so we did not see it until it was already set on the floor.) The wall tile was a mistake on my part.

Unfortunately, all tile in the room is now fully adhered but not yet grouted. (The wall tile is only 2/3rds installed.) We got a $5700 quote from the tile guy on the job to redo just the two finished walls of the shower. We are definitely in sticker shock! He said that he would have to demo the tile, redo the waterproofing system on those two walls and retile. We had another tile installer come by (quote TBD), and he said he thought he could likely preserve the waterproofing system.

For those familiar with this type of work, a few questions:

1) When tile comes down from a waterproofing system, how likely is it that the system can be preserved? (The system we have is by Laticrete.)

2) Percentage-wise, how much of this work should be demo vs. waterproofing vs. installing new tile?

3) Should we be able to get a like-new tile job if we rip out what was newly installed and put in new tile on both floors and walls?

Thanks so much!

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