2-for-1 citrus surprise! Training advice needed

alexcm [z6a]
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Have you ever gone shopping for specific plants and ended up buying only those plants? Because I haven't 😂. I found the strawberries I was looking for on sale at Logee's, so naturally I had to add a Meyer lemon and a guava tree to keep them company in my shopping cart. They arrived today and everything looks lovely, but I was suspicious on seeing two separate stems coming out of the soil in the lemon container.
My suspicions were confirmed when I exposed the roots: there were two separate plants. Well, technically separate; they weren't exactly eager to part. I detangled what I could and snipped what I couldn't, leaving the smaller piece without a ton of roots but it's young and healthy and hopefully will be just fine.
I wanted to experiment with hydroponic citrus, so I planted the smaller piece in a DWC bucket. The larger one went into a plastic air pot with ProMix soil.
Now what I'm trying to work out is how best to train these two trees. The one in soil has a decent shape, ideally I'd like to make the shorter and straighter branch into the leader. The one in hydro just has a single branch, growing completely horizontal. Is that even possible to straighten out?
I'm excited to see what happens with these, and I appreciate any advice!

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