Help Me with My Home Office Layout

3 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I am going to be working from home permanently and I need a new desk, but I need to be able to accomodate my work setup and my home setup. I have an oversized Mac for home and for work I have a laptop with two monitors, so that is three monitors total. My office is a good size, so I have plenty of space. The room measures 13’ x 13’, with a 5’ wide doorway and a 6’ wide window on the adjoining wall. Instead of getting a very large desk to accomodate what needs to go on the desktop, I was thinking of getting two desks as opposed to an L shaped to make it more verstile for the future. But, I don’t know how to arrange them to make it look nice. My office is right by the front door. I am attaching a pic of the type of desk I would plan to get. And I am basically starting from scratch with other furniture in the room, which will need to include some storage. All ideas are welcome, please!

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