Custom drapes gone wrong

Nessa S
last month

Hello, I just had a very bad experience with my custom drapes. When I initially ordered them, I received a completely different color and the length was off. They redid them and I had to choose a different color because the one I previously chose was no longer being made, but this time the hooks and the length are wrong (way too short). To add to that, the designer I worked with (not from the drape store, she works independently) to select the color, selected a cream color that looks very yellow now that I put the curtains up and see them as a whole. I paid a ton for these and the situation is a disaster. What would you do? I requested a refund given the experience and situation (I have been waiting 7 months to receive them and they have made several mistakes!) , at least a partial refund or something. If nothing can be done (I think they will suggest just fixing the hooks to adjust the length), I am wondering if a white liner could help with the colour to make it look cooler. I don’t think I would get my money’s worth if I tried to sell them. Ah, I am so stressed over this! 😭

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