Pretty Garages

2 months ago

I am planning to have my two-car attached garage painted in the fall. In a delightful book, Home Inspired By Love and Beauty, Margaret Lulic writes about designing the usual entrance to your home as a welcoming and lovely space (as opposed to a mudroom, for example). My usual entrance to my home is through the attached garage. Lulic’s advice has caused me to think about how to make my garage something more than a large storage box. When I searched for “pretty garages,” all I got was a list of well-organized garages, exterior garage images, and garages converted to living space. What ideas do houzz readers have, what projects have you done, what ideas may be percolating about making a garage that is not full of tools, equipment, and throwaways an inviting space to drive into when I am returning to my beautiful, peaceful home?

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