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Cabinet Review - Need fresh eyes

2 years ago

I’m about to sign off on the cabinets and hoping you might take a look and tell me if anything looks off or not right. DH and I have been looking at it and tweaking it for so long that I no longer trust our eyes.

A few notes/questions:

  1. Where there are no uppers - to the right of the stove and the left of the sink - there will be one marble shelf with brass brackets. The shelf will meet in the corner so it makes the “L” turn.

  2. There is nowhere else for the stove. We’ve tried. And had several architects and KDs review. The only other option was to put it in a corner at an angle and I hated that.

  3. The stacked cabinet / appliance garage at the end of the sink wall - Should I do glass on the top part of that cabinet? The bottom part of that cabinet is taller than I’d like but I’ve been told it needs to be that tall as I am storing my coffee maker and toaster oven in it and don’t plan on pulling it out for use. We will use it in place so it needs the height due to the heat and steam.

  4. We also have a butlers pantry with cabinetry that doesn’t show here as well as a walk in pantry where food and microwave will go:

Thanks for any and all opinions.