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I'm going to meet a rescue dog today!

2 years ago

After work. I follow our local HS on facebook and this winter they found a little stray who was bald, looked like mange to me. Turns out it was severe allergies, and she now has her hair back. She was adopted by a lady who has become ill and cannot care for her, so she is back up for adoption. She is a little terrier type scruffy girl, looks so cute. I'm a little hesitant because she is on a med called apoquel that is expensive, 70.00 a month and is not generic until 2026. She is less than 2 years old. We had to put our little Dusty down a couple of months ago, and my little Penny needs a companion. We also have a standard poodle, Jazz, that is a lover and she apparently gets along with other dogs well. Wish me (and Guppie) luck.

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