Looking for recommendations on what to plant near my Rose of Sharon's

Amanda Wilcox
last month

Currently the bed is only 3 feet wide, so I was considering annuals but I was also considering expanding the space, but not really sure exactly how I'd like to expand it. (What direction, width, shape, etc.)
This area is full sun and I'm looking for plants that will look good in the space. I am a little concerned that anything short will look wonky next to the rose of Sharon's and anything to tall would look strange because the bed isnt that big. Right now it's just weeds and old garden ornaments and I'd like to change up the space. I pruned the rose of Sharon's this spring and since then I've found I like that corner a lot more and want some more color over there. I prefer more blues and pinks over hot colors like red and yellow, but at the same time the garden is in the corner of the yard so maybe some hotter colors will draw the eye.
I'm open to any and all suggestions. I'm in Rochester, NY zone 6a and our soil is rich and clay like.

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