Small one-room kitchen/living/dining design feedback and ideas sought!

Gregg z6a-CT
last month
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Redoing my small 1960 split. Kitchen, living and dining are all in a single 18ftx24ft room. Fixtures (doors, fireplace, etc) on 3 walls can't change, but the main rear wall (where the kitchen will likely be) is fair game. The front door, fireplace and bay window are in the front of the 'box' so unlikely to be anything but the living room area.

Some thoughts and goals:

  • Design for 2 people.
  • Not big entertainers or chefs... fairly standard kitchen is fine.
  • Must have a high flow external vent range hood.
  • The more windows on back wall towards gardens, the better.
  • Like islands, but do not want island seating to be only seating option.
  • 5ft/4person kitchen table ok to design around, as long as it can awkwardly seat a few more on a holiday.
  • 33"W counter depth fridge is new so will stay. All else (including furniture) is fair game.
  • Pantry space down a half flight of stairs that OK using for bulk goods, crock pots, etc
  • Could live with a basic countertop microwave one if it helps.

I've attached a few pics:

  • The naked room with some key dimensions, showing the can't-change doors, windows, etc.
  • My current most acceptable design. Microwave under counter in the peninsula. Fridge against the back wall, but I don't love it there jutting out between the windows and feeling like such a focal point, but I think it's the most realistic.
  • The same layout except with the stove on the back wall. I much prefer that aspect, but don't think the fridge placement is realistic.
  • Per dan1888 suggestion, added some 2d dimensions to my current idea

I tried many times to come up with an island design but just couldn't make it work, without making it the only seating area right in the middle, which I don't think I'm up for. Also couldn't figure out a good layout with the kitchen in the other corner due to the door limiting the length along that wall.

I could live with what I've got so far I think, I'm not in love with it, so will take no offense at any feedback. This is a small space and I think concessions are going to have to be made... so I would love to hear some feedback or any fresh ideas! (furniture layout ideas too - not just kitchen)

I can share the sketchup models if people like playing with that stuff too.

I should clarify that there are no doors on the doorways to either of the the up/down half stairs any longer, I recently refinished the downstairs part and made them both just doorways.

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