Living Room Rug - I Need Help, Please!

last month

Currently using a (cheap) white, shag rug. Between our black dog and my husband's dirty socks, this rug has practically been destroyed in less than 6 months. As much as I'd love a white or taupe rug in this small space, we'll need a darker colored rug next time. I've chosen a grey one, but I'm worried that it might be too dark for the room. I've attached the rug sample & sofa swatch, because it's actually light grey but coming up white in photos.

The third photo is a mockup of a rug I like, but it's not big enough. I like that it adds some texture, but it's not too busy. I wish I could find it (or something similar) in 10x14, which is the size we need. We don't want a heavily patterned rug or anything too scratchy. (We'll be changing the light fixture too, btw.)

Any suggestions would be welcome - thank you so much!

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